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I offer a range of fantastic services to suit all! Included in the services is the use of some brilliant, professional products to enhance your dogs coat and make them smell delicious! I have a range of products for different coat tones, such as copper tones, black coats and shiny white coat tones, in order to get the most out of their coats colour! I also use a range of puppy sensitive products for our smaller furry friends with sensitive puppy coats! I also use skin sensitive products for dogs with skin irritation and dry coats! I also take bank cards and credit cards for your convience, with my new card machine! 

Weddings & Special occassions

Getting married? other special occasion/celebration coming up? is your furry friend a guest of honour! Get in touch to book in for a special pamper to make them not only look great but smell fantastic to, to join in and share your special day! After all they are a special part of the family! 

Prices vary according to what you would like, anything from a tidy up, bath/ brush to a full groom!

Full Groom & Style

Mini health check to make sure your dog is suitable for grooming, bath, blast dry and brush to eliminate any knots/matts, cut & styling, ears and eye clean, followed by a touch of cologne and coat shine serum for that perfect finish!

Prices vary, starting from £25,  breed/coat and dog size dependant. This will be disccussed at your FREE consultation appointment, when you and your furry friend come along to meet me!

Pampered Pooch Package

An in between full groom package for a tidy up! If you have a mucky pup, but they are not quiet ready for a full groom, why not book a pamper session including a bath, blast dry & brush, with all the finishing touches, to keep them smelling fresh and looking good!


Nail Trim

A very quick " while you wait" service to trim and tidy your dogs nails, a task that most dread due to its sensitive nature!


Puppy induction to Grooming

This service is designed for you to bring your new pups into to get them used to the grooming environment, the sounds and the equipment! They will have a bath, get used to the hairdyer and blast dryer in a sensitive manner and have a basic tidy up to keep them looking like a fluffy puppy for a bit longer!


Special offer!

When you book your first appointment, not only will your newly pampered pooch receive a free welcome gift, but you will receive your loyalty card and welcome pack!

Now selling homemade biscuits!

Made from heathly, dog friendly ingriedents and dehydrated after baking to ensure a longer lasting, fresh and crunchy taste! Different flavours available! Including marmite & honey crunch, peanut butter and banana  & blueberry! All availble to order! 5 biscuits for £1.20!

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Full groom prices can vary if the dogs coat is extremely matted/knotted, as this is extra time and work added onto a basic groom. If your dog proves difficult to groom and proves a danger to myself I do reserve the right to stop the groom at any stage and a charge of £5 will apply upon collection, to cover any costs of products used. If you do need to cancel at the last minute, I fully understand, these things happen! BUT if you could give me a minimum of 24 hours notice this would be grately appreciated!