me & my salon!

My name is Sam and am an independent groomer and have my own dog grooming salon in Brereton, Rugeley 

offering a 1-2-1 service for your furry friend!

 I am trained in City & Guilds Level 3 Dog Grooming & trained with

Furst Class Lounge, Chesterfield associated with Heavenlyz.

 As the proud owner of 3 miniature schnauzers, so its safe to say I have a passion for dogs! 

During their visit to my salon, your dogs safety and security is of the upmost importance to me,

 therefore my promise to you is to operate in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act:

- to provide a safe environment, before, during and after the groom

- to provide fresh water througout their stay at my hydration station

- to ensure a suitable chance relieve themselves, if they express signs they may need the toilet

- to be housed apart from other dogs if visits should clash, in separate and secure crates with comfy bedding

- protect them from pain and injury by using top quality equipment and my gentle professional handling skills, & having first aid facilities on site.

 The safety of your dog is of great importance to me!

I want your dog to leave my salon looking good and smelling great!

my promise to you!

I promise that whilst your prized pet is in my care i will adhear to the animal welfare act! I will ensure their 5 needs are met:

- the need for a suitable environment

- the need to exibit normal behaviour

- the need to be housed apart from other animals

- the need for suitable diet ( water )

- to be protected from pain injury and suffering